You should have no problem with the package increase because there is an associate pack like the previously called quick start or associate package that has a lower price.  A person can become a member for only 6,980 pesos. This has 500 referral bonus and 1,000 pairing bonus and has only 3 allowed match sales per day but can be upgraded to the Global pack by having 2 personal reorder product points and enjoy the allowed 16 matches per day. You need to upgrade to the Global pack before you can add more accounts if you started with an Associate pack.

Under this system, a Distributor can have several levels or down lines. From the product sales of each of his or her down lines, he or she earns five percent (5%) of product points. However, a Distributor can only earn up to his tenth (10th) level. The special feature of this scheme is the Dynamic Compression. This mechanism ensures that qualified Distributors will earn bonuses on all 10 levels without breakage to the inactive or non‐performing Distributors within the earning levels. If among the 10 levels, one (1) level is inactive, the latter will not be counted as a level. Instead, the eleventh (11th) level will take the place of the tenth (10th) level, and so on.