This is also known as the Binary System. Upon becoming a Distributor, the latter can form two (2) groups under his account, the Left Group and the Right Group. For each group, there can be several levels. To earn from this system, each level from the Left Group and each level from the Right Group must have a total of 2,000 points, which then reflects 4,000 points when combined. A Distributor immediately earns a Matched Sales Bonus of PHP2,000 for every 4,000 combined group points.

- Earn up to Php32,000 gross income per day!
- Earn up to Php224,000 per Week!
- Earn up to Php992,000 per Month!

- Points may be accumulated through group sales/re-orders and sponsoring.

- Get Php2,000 per matched sales*

- People who will join will be divided into two groups: LEFT SALES GROUP and RIGHT SALES GROUP

- Match Sales = 1,500 points (left) + 1500 points (right)

For this system, it is important for the company to maintain a balance in both recruiting new Distributors and selling its products. A Distributor is not allowed to simply pull numerous recruits into the business and earn solely on the basis of the number of people he or she sponsors. This is why ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. utilises the “Flush‐out” system. The “flush‐out” system works by allowing only sixteen (16) matched sales per day, divided eight (8) matched sales for two (2) time intervals or cycles.